MC Kats unveils foundation to empower young people living with HIV

Events MC, Edwin Katamba alias MC Kats has unveiled the MC Kats Foundation in a bid to empower young people living with HIV/AIDS. The MC further announced that the platform was established to elevate voices of the youth who have been made to feel less of humans through stigmatization, violence, and other kinds of torture [...]

Stigma alone can make someone fail to take drugs, says Mc Kats as UGANET, partners launch Philly Lutaaya awards - PML Daily

KAMPALA - TV Host Edwin Katamba popularly known as MC Kats has asked the public especially the media to avoid stigma and discrimination of people living with HIV/AIDS, saying that stigma alone can make someone fail to take drugs, "can make you sleep in the night and cry alone, can make you psychologically become 24-hours...

Parents should sensitize their children on HIV/AIDS - Mc Kats

Parents should not forget that HIV is not curable in case one gets infected Children should be jealously protected from contracting it the way its done on covid19 Children being idle is a high risk for them to be sexually active